Doq Holliday @doqholliday
07 December, 08:58
Patriots if I could ask for your prayers.

My wife hasn’t slept all night. Her legs are aching to the point where she can’t sleep. We don’t know what’s wrong. She’s unvaxxed — of course.

I appreciate it AU family!

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Freedom Fighter @Verity21
07 December, 09:43
In response Doq Holliday to his Publication
Doq I will definitely pray for your wife. I must share with you that my 73 year old mother suffered for years with leg cramps (charlie horses) in her legs that were so excruciating that she was robbed her of sleep most nights and was up crying for hours. Doctors could/would do nothing for this. A friend who is into natural medicine suggested this (Magnesium Glycinate). I was skeptical but it was worth a shot. She takes two or three of these daily and has had ZERO leg cramps at night ever since day one. This is the exact brand and formula she used. There are many magnesium supplements but my friend insisted that it had to be magnesium glycinate. Also linked here is an article reviewed by a DO last year, but we honestly tried it out of desperation without medical advice and the results were instant.

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Wendy WJW @ladyonthelake
10 December, 07:51
In response Freedom Fighter to her Publication
Good evening. We will definitely be saying prayers for your wife. Both my husband and I suffer from sporadic charlie horses (leg cramps) in the night and they are horrible. We have a friend who is an ICU nurse and she said they use yellow mustard when a patient has a cramp. One packet does the trick. We just eat a big tablespoon and within minutes the cramp is gone. She and her colleagues do not know why it works, but it's important for a patient who cannot get out of bed. I highly recommend it. Doesn't taste the best, but the relief is miraculous. God bless.

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