Nada ... @Nada
06 December, 11:49
I’ve posted about my 16 yr old son’s awakening before, update:

He’s been surface “awake” for a couple years. He came to me so excited tonight. His Tik Tok feed is full of Rothschild, Epstein, Q stuff. Hasn’t been liking/promoting, just popping up. He said that accounts are being banned, but their content goes viral so quickly that the message can’t be contained.

Also noted that all his friends at school are waking up in scores. School is a joke. Teachers don’t show up, no substitutes anymore. They send them to the cafeteria…they watch Tik Tok and wake each other up and discuss, civilly. They all think school is slowing their learning.

Fookin’ beautiful.

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No matter the negative press for TikTok, it's actually under WHs for awakening the GenZ. It is a beautiful thing to be happening WW, specially for these future creators/hope for the future. #trusttheplan #TikTokIsServingItsPurpose #PANICOnSMPlatformsForGreatAwakeningMovie
10:21 AM - Dec 07, 2022
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Nada ... @Nada
07 December, 10:33
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100%...i'm not on Tik Tok...he showed me the was pretty amazing the amount of red pill material. most of it was the memes we all shared early in the Q me it was old news, but to these kids, it's monumental

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