Stephanie Foster @AmericanFoster
AM I the only one not buying BIG dumb producters of soft kill all of a sudden marketing "organic lines".
09:24 PM - Dec 05, 2022
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Kerry Carlson @FramersIntents
05 December, 09:36
In response Stephanie Foster to her Publication
Right you are. Good to know the brands that have been out there for20 years or longer. Better to have readers so narrow they fit in your wallet!

Clean 15 of produce, read the bad ingredients in a list online a few times and all labels til it sinks in - the less ingredients, the better, and the faster it could spoil - the price to avoid unnatural preservatives and that ilk.

So happy you brought this up.

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Stephanie Foster @AmericanFoster
05 December, 09:45
In response Kerry Carlson to her Publication
AND grown your own as much as possible. And source the farms local as possible, and ask POINT blank if they give them shots, etc. and if so avoid, ask them if they use gmo feed or not.

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