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03 December, 01:06
The simple answer is NO!

[McMaken recites a bit of recent history in support of his assertion that the creation and the continuation of the FBI as a federal secret police force is an assault on the liberty of the United States:

The reality and the romance, of course, have always been two totally different things, and it’s helpful to remind ourselves that it was the FBI that was in charge of the Waco massacre where 26 children were killed. It was the FBI that led the raid on Randy Weaver’s house where an FBI sniper shot a woman dead while she was holding a 10-month old baby. It was the FBI that spied on Martin Luther King, Jr., and targeted peaceful anti-war organizations for political reasons during the 1960s and 70s. It was the FBI that came of age arresting opponents of the First World War.

Naturally, in all of these cases, the FBI has actively covered up the facts and denied wrongdoing.]


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The FBI does not have an emolument for its position, the FBI is unlawful.

Emoluments Violations under Brady - YouTube

Why "Brady", and what does it have to do with "Liberty Interest", and or "Policy" of all things? Good questions to have in your mind as you watch this presen...

01:30 PM - Dec 05, 2022
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