Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
02 December, 02:40

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Nunya Effin Bizness @Nunyaeffinbizness
M.N.J. 👈🏻what's the significance to this (extracted from above)

shitty art
shitty books
shitty education

fake websites
fake wars
fake pandemics
fake journalists
fake news
fake beaucrats, assigned to positions of power, that can't hide their criminal nature (and busts moves on designer luggage at airports🤣)

watch your luggage at the airport gurlies ...
non binaries evidently can't afford their own shit and need to allocate yours (it's that commie cut)

real treason
real election fraud
real money laundering
real human trafficking
real genocide via health systems
real nwo one world gov one belt one road
real satanists

03:08 AM - Dec 02, 2022
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