Carole Parnell donated @MagaMutt
14 October, 07:43
đŸ©žDurham's getting it on the record:

The FBI didn't corroborate or verify any of these Steele Dossier allegations before they used them in the FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Durham: "Oh by the way, when did you discover that Christopher Steele and Igor Danchenko were paid political operatives of the Hillary Clinton campaign? And was that before or after you used their unverified allegations in the FISA warrant?"

FBI Agent: [something unintelligible]

Durham: "I'm sorry, could you say that louder?"

FBI Agent: "Do I have to?"

Durham: "Yes"

FBI Agent: Well it was in September of 2016 that

Durham: "So you knew that both Steele and Danchenko were doing opposition research for the Clinton campaign when you took these allegations from them and made use of them in your FISA warrant targeting Carter Page? That they were contractors working for Hillary Clinton?

FBI Agent: "Well...yes."

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David Treciak @scifiwriter
14 October, 08:06
In response Carole Parnell to her Publication
If any of this were true and they were at this early stage of getting the goods on Hillary we'd have a very long wait to get to the credits. There were hundreds of thousands of sealed indictments a few years ago. I can't believe they were put in the deep freeze to be used years later. Multiple sources, including David Straight, have verified Hillary's execution.
This is what treading water feels like.

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Carole Parnell donated @MagaMutt
14 October, 08:33
In response David Treciak to his Publication
Yes, most on AU are awake, but so many elsewhere aren't and need to be spoon feed information slowly.

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David Treciak @scifiwriter
I've disagreed with many of the white hat's strategies from day one. For example, why they don't just take over the MSM and broadcast the truth 24/7 instead of letting them continue to carry water for the corrupt DNC. But it recently dawned on me that the movie isn't being written by human strategists, but by 7 quantum computers at the NSA . They're fed information from Project Looking Glass, and have access to all electronic communications in real time. If I had to choose the most effective way to redpill middle class American voters, I don't think many voters still care about Durham's drawn out investigation connecting the Steele dossier to Hillary. That's ancient news by now and she's still looked at unfavorably by more than 60% of voters. The DOJ branding parents fighting to protect their children from porn in school as "domestic terrorists," hits a lot closer to home. It reveals just how far this country has fallen prey to progressive policies
11:30 AM - Oct 14, 2022
In response Carole Parnell to her Publication
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