On September 7th, 2022 it will be 1776 days since the 1st Q drop… Has@VincentKennedy been hinting something to us maybe? Let’s see what happens!#wwg1wga . 😎☀️🇺🇸🦅

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EVEL is out of gas. if you can help with just a gallon or more.. it would mean a lot!!

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This has to be what he's referring to.
All posts lead to "Q"

yes Casey, you hit it ... He just referred to this anniversary -
and thanQ - we were all wondering

Just trying to be ready so that I can be the rock for my husband that he has been for me. Sending prayers & high vibes to all🙏🙌. WWG1WGA

did you see the post he just put up about an anniversary of sorts?

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I would like to add september 7 is the deadline for executive order 13848 which was extended for 1 year, by Biden. this order has to do with foreign interference in an election and remove all "assets" from anyone connected.
Riddle me this if Biden is the President, why did he extend this when he knew he would lose EVERYTHING!???

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i'm sure this is just a coinkydink...

Vincent Kennedy -Z@vincentkennedy
24 hours ago
Weight Math.

188.8 Lbs. (Current)
177.6 Lbs. (Goal)

1 Lbs. = 3500 Cal

Need to lose 11.2 Lbs. to get to goal of 177.6 Lbs.

11.2 Lbs. x 3500 Cal = 39,200 Cal

Need to work/cut out 39,200 Calories in 46 Days

39,200 Cal / 46 Days = 815.17 Cal

Need to work/cut out 815.17 Calories a day.


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Of course he has, him and all the WWE wrestlers have been hinting to us! Trump has always been involved with WWE we all know its not real but it sure plays out like a storyline. the story is what they are trying to tell us.

That date is also on the satanic calendar 😳