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why would usa leave the trained dogs behind in Vietnam! Grrr


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The Complex History Of The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict | Promises & Betrayals | Timeline - YouTube

This is how British double-dealing during WW1 ignited the conflict between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East. This is a story of intrigue among rival empires...

The Soviet WW3 Plan to Cut Europe in Half - Seven Days to the Rhine - YouTube

NEW AVIATION CHANNEL!! Subscribe to Dark Skies: The Business Jet that Attacked a US Warship:

Asia's Titanic, MV Dona Paz by National Geographic Channel - YouTube

Asia's Titanic, MV Dona PazNational Geographic Channe, DocumentaryAugust 2009

Top 10 Worst Shipwrecks - YouTube

Watch Top 10 Worst Shipwrecks on Bad Day HQHaving a bad day? I bet we have worse ones for you. Sound off in the comments on your thoughts and what you'd like...

The United States vs. the WW2 Volcano - YouTube

Subscribe to Dark Docs: a brief period in March of 1944, the greatest force facing off against the Americans in Italy during WW...

Hitler confronts President Trump at press conference - YouTube

Parody created using clips from Downfall (Der Untergang)Discord:

Hitler phones Putin again - YouTube

Downfall Parody created by Hitler Rants ParodiesPatreon ► ►

Joe Rogan | The Harsh Truths of Operation Paperclip (NASA & Nazi's) w/Annie Jacobsen - YouTube

Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:

Hitler Hates Covid Delta Variant! [2021] - YouTube

Hitler Has Coronavirus AGAIN!! Delta Variant Edition! [2021]The Hitler Rant meme is at it again with another one where Hiter has coronavirus and he is mad! ...
hitler gets covid and starts yelling lol

Pilot’s Children Cause this Plane to Crash into the Ground (With Real Audio) - YouTube

Find out how this pilot's 15-year-old son caused the Airbus A310 operating as Aeroflot Flight 593 on 23 March 1994 to stall and crash into the ground in Russ...
dr shits on golo insulin causes fat scam Diet Review by Cardiologist Weight Loss Expert! - YouTube

Is the Golo diet helpful? Does it work? Is it fad or gimmick? World renowned weight loss expert, Dr. Alo, discuss what he likes and doesn't like about the Go...

A-10 Warthog 30mm cannon vs Taliban getaway vehicle - YouTube

A U.S. A-10 Thunderbolt II conducts a strike on a Taliban vehicle fleeing the scene of an attack in Kandahar province on January 24, 2018. The insurgents in ...

HSBC: Tax Evasion, Money Laundering for the Mafia & Currency Manipulation | HSBC Scandal Documentary - YouTube

If HSBC were a country, it would be the fifth world economic power. Founded during the golden age of the Opium trade to enable the British Empire to access t...

Khazars: History of the Jewish Turkic Nomads - YouTube

Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: Use Code “KNG” for 10% off your order!In our new video in the animated historical documentary seri...

It was Mike Harris that connected the dots and made the actual discovery of the presence of the Khazarian Mafia’s secret history and blood oath to take revenge on Russia for helping Americans win the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and their blood oath of revenge against America and Americans for winning these wars and sustaining the Union. THIS LOOKS INTERESTING
eddie trying to explain q ayy non to rogan lol

Joe Rogan - Eddie Bravo's Trump Conspiracy - YouTube

Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo on Trump and the moon landing.

The Case of Kevin Spacey: An Open Secret | dreading - YouTube

consider supporting us via patreon : watch: "The Case Of LaVena Johnson | dreading"

Seconds From Disaster The Mystery Of The Derbyshire | Nature TV - YouTube

Seconds From Disaster The Mystery Of The Derbyshire | Nature TVSubcribe Here For More Videos: you liked the video please hit the like...

Now It All Makes Sense - YouTube

Now I Get It. This Explains a Lot

The Story Of The Andrea Doria - YouTube

Perhaps one of the most beautiful vessels of her time, the Andrea Doria was a symbol of pride for Italy. A sleek and stylish 1950's liner fitted with the mos...

America's Deadliest Tornado - A Brief History of The Tri-State Tornado - YouTube

The single largest, fastest, most destructive tornado of all time hit the USA on March 18th 1925. Known as the Tri State tornado, this "super tornado" carved...

The Ferry Sewol Part 1: Cowards in Command - YouTube

On April 16, 2014; mistakes at the helm, negligent modifications to the ship combined with the overloading & instability of cargo, led to the capsizing of t...

Nuclear Crash on Ice - YouTube

On January 21st, 1968, an uncontained fire aboard an American B-52G Stratofortress bomber sent the aircraft crashing onto the sea ice off the northwest coast...
member the time we built an under-ice base in Greenland and the ice crushed it

Project ICEWORM - YouTube

At the height of the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union were in the midst of an arms race to develop advanced and experimental weaponry. An emp...

Creepiest Doctor of WWII: Shiro Ishii & Japan's Unit 731 - YouTube

Trying some more in-depth single subject documentaries. Let me know what you think. The lists will continue, but I may mix in more of these... Thanks. -Dark5...

B-1 - Crew - Start Up - Departure - Arrival - RAF Fairford 10/11/21 - YouTube

Aston 01/02 Rockwell B-1 Lancer RAF Fairford10/11/21