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God loving Patriot

Have you all seen how that you cannot leave St. Vincent Island without proof that you are vaccinated? Volcano is erupting and you cannot leave if you are not brain washed basically. I am expecting Volcano to spit on boats rather then molten LAVA at this point.... 2 hours of researching pro vs anti vaccine is all it takes for newcomers .... 3rd grade level? Possibly 5th Grade with all of the censorship? Vaccines are not Vaccines@ They are MRNA and non FDA approved for a reason. They are designed to make you sterile, organ failure, mad cow, prions, HIV, Blood Coagulation, neurological disease, bells palsy, etc... LOOK IT UP... Go research if Covid was really a Pandemic? Hospitals were empty. Common cold mixed in with 5G Testing in Wuhan. 2020 Covid was Radiation Flu that went away mid summer, Non Viral. If you had a bad immune system then you caught it. What really went down was Adrenochrome victims. Hospital doctors made money propping up the numbers.

A Pro Human Future will be won in my humble opinion. How this all plays out will be hard in my humble opinion. Survival of the Fittest. I do not agree with Darwinism but he got this part right and dead on in my humble opinion. I cannot believe that my fellow humans are lining up like sheep/cattle/chickens for this death trap of human genome testing that they are calling a Vaccine which is MRNA DNA manipulation. Very Sad. We have been warning them and they call us crazy conspiracy theorists. I have had close family hang up on me on Christmas Day saying this was all fantasy land fake pandemic. Just a Bad Flu mixed in with 5G electromagnetic testing. Non Viral and cannot prove that Cov-Sars-2 exists

Get out and meet like minded Patriots. Best thing I ever did. Go research Artificial Intelligence and the plan to eliminate humanity, By the way, A. I. stands for Artificial Intelligence but also stand for A. I. ( Alien Invasion)... We are living in the same predicament as what happened during Atlantis Times. Atlantis vs Lemuria.... We are as a planet moving from 3D to 5D. We are crossing through 4D. That means we have to encounter the LOWER 4TH. DEMONS. This is why people in general are acting CRAZY. We are trying to get to upper realms but have to deal with the POSSESSED and INSANE Journey through the lower 4th. Hang in their people!

Infowars is the "Tip of the Spear". Go watch their Saturday report from 4.3.2021 about SPARS. This is the Deep State Playbook for what should have happened 2025 - 2028 that got hijacked by patriots and put Donald in 2016. This is all playing out and got the Khazarian Mafia/ Chabad Dealth Cult to move their Timeline forward to what is playing out today, /// 2020 - 2023

At the End of the Day. In my 20's in the 1990's and 2000's, I was out networking and partying like every generation was in their 20's. I was trying to live my dream being a professional sports baseball pitcher after succeeding in high school. Elbow problems led to Guitar and Rock Band dream and had some success. Had incredible fun in NOLA around 1999 - 2003. Approached 29 years old and left that dream to realize that I had to make money in this system and concentrate on future. Always paid essential bills to move forward and succeed. Go golfing with my buddies, etc. Around 2009 - 2011, things started happening and a shift. I never took a day off from watching Infowars and Project Camelot and branching out like a motherfucker. So many incredible truth websites and researching like a madman. I was living in this Alternative that was telling the truth but the normal mainstream news was incredibly proving to myself that "We have a big problem here"! Around 2015/16 I was "All In

"Eat Popcorn" while you are INFORMING FOLKS! Do not sit back and wait! Do what you can to inform your friends, family, and neighbors! Do not do something stupid of course. Be Smart. Be and stay informed and relay it to everyone you know!

Full Disclosure needs to happen and will absolutely make certain individuals go insane. The reason why this did not happen a few years ago like I thought was SELFISH. I thought more humans were like me. I spent more time reading and researching than my day job Bartending in Vegas in heart of the Strip. Crazy buzy Casino. I did not realize how brainwashed and mind controlled the masses were or are. I thought all of this would come out in 2018/2019. Sad but True is that the masses are so mesmorized and hypnotized to Fake Media/TV land, etc. This is so sad that lot's of people are going to have a diarrhea episode beyond proportions. Go research how the people that have been running this planet and where they came from. Go study the Khazars. They were given an option over a thousand years ago. They chose Judaism. They "INVERTED" this religion. You want to know what is REALLY going ON? Turn on Mainstream News and it is the opposite. Go out in the real world.

There are many promoting "Eat Popcorn and sit back".... Some of that is True but however, you may be part of the plan in this restoration of America and Planet Earth. We need to do what God is telling us to do collectively and individually. You will start sweating and feel uncomfortable if the calling is upon you and you are making the wrong choices given to you. Bad idea if you do something stupid but not so bad if the one and only God is telling you to break out of your trance and do certain things that will help the eventual cause to Free Humanity. God's Law. The Boulder, Colorado incident was a moron and not a high vibration individual. This person was definitely mind controlled by Demons. The guy is Anti America and sprayed bullets upon innonecent individuals. This is not a high vibration and person that will transcend in my humble opinion.


We discuss youtube censorship, changing consciousness, Juan's latest statements, General McInerney on David's show and much more....

Scott McKay Patriot Streetfighter's ROUNDTABLE W/ Dave Rodriguez, Krystal Tini & Pryme Minister - YouTube

Scott McKay Patriot Streetfighter's ROUNDTABLE W/ Dave Rodriguez, Krystal Tini & Pryme Minister

If they stand behind you protect them. If they stand beside you respect them. If [they] stand against you, show no mercy!


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Patriot of Earth. We ARE Freedom. WWG1WGA

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If Your Forced To Wear Mask's In Shop's, Public Transport, Places Of Work etc etc
or Forced Vaccinations

All these Business's have Lawsuits on their Hands and Will can be prosecuted for Attempted Murder/Murder as people have died already. Employer's are now forcing workers to get Vaccinated to continue with their job!!

Please educate yourself with the Law

Please Look Into The Nuremberg Code