Bluebird Honeybee
4 days ago

Bluebird Honeybee

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Anyone who has questioned Trump and his "promotion" of the vaccines should watch this. Hell, everyone should watch this!!!!!!!!

Could somebody out there please tell me the message behind the dog comms that patriots put out like this one from Scavino? Thank you!!

People, please stop falling for DJTup. It is not his platform, trust me. Trump takes credit for EVERYTHING he does!!!!! Don't you think it would be all over the news by now??? He announced he might make one but it wouldn't be for a few months if he did. Please don't believe everything you see, some are out to get us!!!!

# Evergreen has been freed

# start watching 7 minutes in, interesting evergreen info..........


# I understand thar "vaccine shot" is code for Trump. I apologize for asking, but could someone please explain to me why he would make it look like he is promotimg a vaccine that is deadly and has serious side effects? It just doesn't make sense to me!!!! PLEASE some explain!!!