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Jay Petty

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Be with GOD and trust his plan... Q TEAM and the 1111 thing too, Looking for the truth dark to LIGHT . #WWG1WGA Took My Oath.

Here we go -> THE GUT PUNCH

The last few minutes of POTUS's speech from last night. He's telling us what is to come...

- We will have Greatness again
- America's comeback begins this November
- November 2024 - That's the big one
- As long as we cannot lose our spirit, our Movement will never be defeated

We have to be patient and hang in there even though some may be having a hard time right now. We can't lose our spirit because we know the best is yet to come!

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.333/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

oh lordy

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.333/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

Good Morning Patriots.

Ready to Rock?


POTUS on TRUTH Social - 3:07pm Eastern...


TRUTH Social Desktop Version is Live...


Patriot 🇺🇸 President Trump ❤️ God saved my life and Jesus is the way 🙏 I stand up for truth, justice and freedom #wwg1wga

🚨 Please check your FOOD labels
and dont by anything with TBHQ
its just another harmful additive
that [they] use to preserve food 🤮

I just ordered a $50 box of cookies from “The Cravory” and its loaded with TBHQ
…in the trash they go! 🗑

not only is it banned in other countries it causes respitory issues and nerevous system issues.
READ all food labeling my fellow Patriots

its in pillsbury crescent rolls
cookies, etc
Be safe
God bless

MYSTERY DEEPENS as DOJ & FBI 757 Jet Makes SECOND FLIGHT to Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock; TWO Round TRIPS in 48 Hours Loaded With Boxes & Docs


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

From gab

They think you're stupid.

The proof has already come out admitted by US officials including the DoD.


remember this. he's in it up to his tiny lil pencil neck.

When is the shortages in vehicles going to end?
My 18 year old pick up won;t last much longer.

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.333/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

In response Warrior of the Light to his Publication

Remember that mayan calendar ref 2012. It looks like it was right. 2012 was the 'scientific' start of separation of realities. Its a bit Fooked.

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.333/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

Have to step away again to take care of a couple of things.

Be back soon.

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.333/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.333/10 *Not an authorized preacher.


New Dan IG...