Lucas Benjamin
2 months ago

Lucas Benjamin

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Believer of Christ, Trump supporter, Proud surgeon and a business facilitator.

We are in this time now to break away from an old paradigm. If someone comes into your life and challenges the way you do things and you condemn them, ask yourself why are you holding on so hard? And what exactly it is you're holding onto? Change doesn't happen by repeating the past. It happens by moving forward into the unknown.

I think, therefore, I am free. I am a Prayer Warrior, Child of God, and a Patriot.... #Trump4EVA, #MAGA, #MEGA, #KAG, #KAGA

DO NOT Let Your Children Watch Disney- Check Out The RAP Group They Just Teamed Up With

Reverse Racism Anyone?
Cop Gets The Last Laugh After Black Walmart Cashier Uses Her Skin Color To Refuse Service

Look What Biden Wants To Put Up At All Of Our Embassies- A Complete Embarrassment

Watching some of my classic movies. This one was ahead of its time..