Robert Travers @Robert1957
21 July, 10:46
In response Lady 4Trump to her Publication
If y'all will help an old tired brain remember something that Trump eluded to...we might put some fears to rest. Fear is a beast that pushes us to do irrational things and make poor decisions. So...
It was over a year ago. Trump was speaking of the technologies 5G would open up. I thought that odd because I had known for quite awhile about the dangers of 5G output. After he said his little piece and smiled that Trump shit eating smile that says PAY ATTENTION!! He said something, the part I cant remember, that was in his conspiratorial code speak, that I don't think anyone understood. So I was fooling around on 8kun and ran across an anon post on it. It deciphered what Trump said. It had to do with magnetism being used to counteract the harmful lengths of 5G waves. Does anyone remember? Its possible the white hats already covertly sabotaged the weapons application of 5G. Anything??

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Camille Faith @CamilleFaith082917
11 February, 07:45

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