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AJA Lazerr

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The biggest problem with society is that people do not want to admit they got conned by a con artist. Why, because they don’t want to have others tell them “How could you be so stupid?” When they should have said something right away!!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Has anything happened in the SCOTUS voter fraud cases in the USA today Feb 19/2021 I havent seen much but I am from Canada and dont have live tv. Any updates would be welcomed.

Yea global warming is such an issue that its going to feel like -49 deg Celsius when I wake up in the morning.

Just thinking once the world goes back to Common/Constitutional Law will all the law books need to be burned because they were technically illegal acts? I could use some to make paper logs for my wood stove and think they would last the eest of my life LOL

@SantaSurfing you maybe interested in this important info from Charlie Ward and Nicholas

Wow this must be watched important info from Charlie Ward and Nicholas

Sometimes I wonder if people really understood Bernie Sanders at yhe Fake Installment of Sleepyjoe in a parka and mittens. Bernie is the King of the Global Warming Scam and he is freezing his ass off while others basically have fall clothes on. This dawned on me last night.

Does anyone understand why the so called medical professionals want people standing six feet apart? I finally got it, where do we put our dearly departed? We bury them six feet under and six feet apart, to them we are already dead and they are making us act that way before we actually die. It is symbolic to them and symbolism will be their downfall!!

I sure hope the Empire State Building has made sure all the windows on the top floors are bolted shut. Some hedge fund people maybe looking for an easy escape.

So now that China has said that anal swabs are better way to test for covid I say we all poop in brown paper bags and drop them off at testing facilities. If some teenagers happen to ligh them up I am positive the testing staff can stomp out covid with no problems at all.

I found this video and its very interesting https://youtu.be/WdahZyZho-Y by Perry Stone about prophesy from 1800's after cival war and Trump fulfilling it. Maybe@santasurfing or@xanon might want to share it?

Watch the water. May have multiple meanings what does water make up? Oceans, Seas, Lakes and Rivers and what is the largest river on earth, the Amazon, could it mean watch Amazon. Pre Jan 20 won’t help distribute Vaccines, de-platforms Parlor, stops Trump/Patriot Sales post Jan 20 let us help distribute vaccines, mail in ballots bad and we want in person voting on union votes. Imagine if the unions got into Amazon it would destroy them as they would have to pay hire wages, couldn’t fire people easy, wind up with giving pensions to workers, better health care plans and much more. 1/2

The fence around dc is the same type they would use when they are demolishing buildings, except for the razor wire. Think you will see every building and monument demolished over the next year, by President Trump.

Woo Hoo tomorow is the 17th and hope things start happening in the public eye.