Jon Neville @jonnevi
I would think all the injustices are allowed to happen to find out?

1. who is involved up and down the chain of command of corrupt systems in Government?
2. Which agencies and threads of subversion in Government and Society are involved in order to plan the removal of cancer and the removal of the source and to plan how forever to stop that kind of social infection in the future?
3. To learn all of the loop holes of corruption in the Government and the Engineered instruments of stealth stealing, fraud, and corruption and how to fundamentally change Government so Government does not Engineer ways to enrich themselves? How to stop programs to enrich and steal from the Republic under a ruse of misdirection or nefarious lie or agenda to bleed the Republic?
How to hold people in places of High Trust to be accountable? and to track agenda that are an overburden of The Republic for the enrichment of the corrupt few inside the mechanics nefarious agenda?
04:46 PM - May 21, 2022
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Texas Cowgal @Texascowgal
21 May, 05:15
In response Jon Neville to his Publication
It certainly reached that point. The fix is to prosecute and set a public example of [their] consequences and fate. Term limits are needed. Lobbyists need to be outlawed. Big Corp. and monopolies brought down. Borders closed and everyone vetted that wants to come here. The American people need to be free from taxes and any laws that advocate “saving” us. Basically start over and learn from everything that gave them the opportunity to infiltrate and indoctrinate. America would thrive if Americans weren’t paying for all of the illegals and corruption and we bought American made products. We should only pay elected officials a stipend to vote our wishes and then fly them back home to their regular jobs. [They] should never make a salary or a career out of politics. Our Constitution should be adhered to and our children taught to love this country. The “fringe” loony tunes need to go back into the holes they climbed out of. They are NOT “normal” by nature or any sane person’s imagination.

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Jon Neville @jonnevi
21 May, 05:32
In response Texas Cowgal to her Publication
I just really how much money really get thru and money much is hidden kickbacks? The amount of money now is like is this the last time they can do this so get as much money out on The Republic as possible for yourself and to harm the Republic so it dies and the money is never known where it went?

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