Mitch Whiteley @MrUgly
We have all been allowing social media to infiltrate our lives. I never had a cell phone until 2006, when a former girlfriend insisted I get one, so she could contact me 24/7. The result, cost me an 04 4runner which I totalled trying to answer the phone, which happened to be her on the line checking where I was at at the time. Our connection with distractions, (phones, tv, video games, movies, etc, etc) have been nothing more than keeping us in the concept we have no control over our lives.
Once you realize you are actually in control, and they have no jurisdiction to control, is when you nwill actually take the control which was given to us back.
The people elected don't control us, the laws and the actions by them are suposed to be what we want , not what they enact. Whether yoy know it or not, the power has been given back to us, and it is up to us to take advantage, or take back our rights togovern as what this country was founded on.
11:04 PM - Apr 25, 2022
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