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•Day 1 of creation - God created six firmaments of heaven (six heavens) and the earth.
•Day 2 - God created a seventh firmament of heaven over the earth, the one directly over our heads.
•The Hebrew word for 'firmament' is 'raqia'.
It is defined as a solid, beaten out, expanse and understood as a vaulted dome.
•A literal interpretation of these words, according to their definitions, help make sense of many things in scripture - including, but not limited to:
- The physical division of waters above/below the firmament (Genesis 1:6-7, Psalm 148:4)
- The windows/flood gates of heaven through which the flood came. (Genesis 7:11)
- The heavens being made firm (Proverbs 8:28)
- The heavens being stretched out (Job 9:8, Isaiah 40:22, Jeremiah 10:12, Ezekiel 1:22)
- How the heavens could be rent/torn (Isaiah 64:1, John 1:51)
- The heavens rolling open like a scroll (Isaiah 34:4, Revelation 6:14)
- How a 1,500mile² literal Kingdom can sit in the third heaven above our heads (2 Corint
11:20 PM - Jan 27, 2022
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