Double Eagle @TheKingsChick
08 September, 04:49
To the battered woman God is showing me
I climbed out of bed to talk to you
Because this is his timing I know YOU will see may be more than one woman.

I was a battered wife in my first marraige
I married the devil
The weasel was meaner than a Rattle Snake. Crazy and mean are a bad combination
He beat me to a bloody pulp many many times. Drugged me ...raped me with the barrel of a rifle. Lit a dog on fire and told me if I left that would happen to me
I did thirteen years. The last day I knew this day was do or die. My daughter told me recently she had watched him as he come running full force at me. She said I knew this would be the day he killed you.. Then she saw him flying across the room out cold
This time I said no more and as I said it I hit that weasel right in the nose and he flew across the room landing sprawled out ...knocked out cold


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