Double Eagle @TheKingsChick
08 September, 04:49
To the battered woman God is showing me
I climbed out of bed to talk to you
Because this is his timing I know YOU will see may be more than one woman.

I was a battered wife in my first marraige
I married the devil
The weasel was meaner than a Rattle Snake. Crazy and mean are a bad combination
He beat me to a bloody pulp many many times. Drugged me ...raped me with the barrel of a rifle. Lit a dog on fire and told me if I left that would happen to me
I did thirteen years. The last day I knew this day was do or die. My daughter told me recently she had watched him as he come running full force at me. She said I knew this would be the day he killed you.. Then she saw him flying across the room out cold
This time I said no more and as I said it I hit that weasel right in the nose and he flew across the room landing sprawled out ...knocked out cold


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Trustn Believe @GodsGraciousGift
I lived it with a mother and father. He beat her, she beat us. She hit us with belt buckles, boards, clothes hangers...whatever she felt like. My head being the eldest went into the wall the most often. She bit me when I was small, she never loved us, never rocked us or held us.

He beat her one time also to a bloody pulp, tore her clothes off her and I stood at the top of the stairs and I screamed no more!!! I was 15 yrs old...NO MORE. He came to the stairway to get me and when he did she ran out the back door, in her slip in the winter, bare foot to a neighbor who took her in and called police. My brother snuck down stairs and got my dad's shot gun..he planned to use it. Then my father left driving through three police vehicles who blocked him on the road. He did 3 months in the loony bin with electrical shock therapy.

Thats when I swore I would never live that way. No man would ever raise his hand to me or my children, not ever. If you raise your hand to me and not in lov
06:20 AM - Sep 08, 2021
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