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I will unfollow many this weekend where I followed you and many more to increase awareness on how to treat the upcoming surge of deaths from the CV19 vaxx and that was not returned.
This is only to get the message out on how to save you if you have had the vaxx. I was trying to reach as many as possible that took the vaxx. So I will be going from 10+ people to 3000 people this weekend.

I hate lawlessness. God Wins and so do we if we are serving him. I can do all things threw Christ who strengthens me. Shalom

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Honey only having my first cup of coffee, I have read this twice and can't figure out what you are saying...I will keep trying. I hate the experiment pushed on all of the world. I have been asking the Lord to save those who he will, who will love him and follow him. We could end this mess in a moment if we would all turn our hearts to God and call is mighty fighting Angels. Faith and trust is what we need more of and of course LOVE. Shalom

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