If you’ve taken the vaxx there is hope so do not give up. You net to start the HCQ, Zinc, Vitamine D, azithromyacin ( Z Pack) to kill all CV19 virus in your body. Starting out for 3 full days take the prescription as if you have symptomatic CV19 virus then back of on the HCQ and Z Pack and only take the HCQ twice a week thereafter. If you do get the flu or another bacterial or viral infection go back and repeat the higher dosage along with steroids like prednisone to slow the hyperimmune response to normal levels. You can and will survive just never take another jabb. Contact Americas Frontline MD’s to get scripts sent to your pharmacy and never ever give up. You will live and not die.

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Most of the injection takers are over the moon, and basking in the virtue signaling upon having the injection... doubt any will take this advice.

Lawful vs unlawful #SaveTheChildren, there is a physics to life force, truth a force of nature, Q=17, a plan to save the world, #NCSWIC

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Prelude to Med Beds.

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Thank You so much for this.
We have been using this
smazing vitamin C product
since 2017, with incredible results.

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I started taking ALIVE when it first came out because I don't eat enough fruits and veggies...I can feel the difference!

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May Japanese Gods bless you and all   We are the ONE

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