How many of you all realizing the CDC, Surgeon General, and every other "health" shill is telling Vaxxed people to mask up because of trying to guilt the unvaxxed into getting the vaccine? I hadn't heard it stated this way, but now it makes sense as a push to guilt those of us who prefer not to be lab rats into getting the vax.

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If people aren't smart enough to see this US surgeon general ludicrous statement. They deserve what they get. ALL of humanity can not ,and should not, beheld responsible for other stupid people's choices.
People that want to get jabbed go for it, leave me out of your stupid decision.
Dr arba is thinking, Covid is nothing more than thinning the herd plan.
Heck the AMA president admitted to the "HERD Immunity" . THINNING the HERD ..

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Yes protect those who chose not to get the injection from the spike proteins. Even though the mask doesn’t stop anything if I’m coming or going..

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