The Biden facemask has been removed and it is all virtual now. The G7 meeting was a virtual meeting- not real.

Harry/Meghan are fully compliant with the White hats and don't care about any royal titles, while William/Kate want to hold on to their legacy and social standing while they have lost real power and control these titles they want to hold on to, would bring.

The British Parliament is split in half and they are panicking. World wide the Deep State is in panic as they are losing control.

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I had a strong feeling the whole thing was FAKE.

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In response Utsava Prophecy to his Publication

Do you mean that half of the British Parliament can be trusted? I can't think of any of them I could even consider voting for. Assange said 98% of Washington would be taken out. I would think the same applies at Westminster. It's a private club and we know what the entry requirements are.