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Nana, Direct Internal connection to God, WWG1WWA, MAGA, Angels are here already #FightLikeFlynn

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Pretty sure everyone can thank this man right here for the fact that they are still breathing air instead of waiting for execution in a fema camp right now.


Original Q JFK
Thank you Sir!

Patriot πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ President Trump ❀️ God saved my life and Jesus is the way πŸ™ I stand up for truth, justice and freedom #wwg1wga

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hi Nana, im confused so he didnt pass away in 1963? ive heard some rumors that he knew they were coming for him especially that JEdgar Hoover creep and Bush

The brain thinks, but the heart knows. πŸ’—

In response Angels Here to her Publication

Patriot of the highest order! Grateful beyond measure!πŸ’™

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