This is so awesome! Hopefully other countries do the same thing!!🙏🏼🥦🌽🥑🍒🍑🍎

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Many here are bots. I'm as real as it gets as seen here.

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FUQ yes!

omg. commom sense. this is a beautiful practice. made my heart happy

I worked as a checker in a grocery store for 13 years. The amount of food thrown away, is absolutely HORRIBLE! The homeless would take to the dumpsters at night, only to be arrested. Criminal on all levels!

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The food pantry at our church regularly receives food from local stores. Canned food, produce, baked goods and even personal care items. Baked goods are just the stuff they normally mark down if its a couple days old. No packages that are given out is damaged. I think it all depends on the store managers.

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if its not poison

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Most probably our bilionaire Prime Minister Babiš inspire their France Frens... :)

We started in 2009...
You know ...pokrok nezastavíš... :)

its so sad that it just isnt second nature ... hopefully a trickle effect will occur 🥰

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on surface this sounds great but....

"enforce" should be replaced with "encourage"

I can't log in to my account. Have had to start again. Fresh. This site is incredible

In response ... ... to his Publication

The world is full of enforcers...

now think about that...
for a minute

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I used to throw freight for Walmart, quite a few years ago, and they threw away food as well. If a bag of candy got torn open during shipping or just wasn't sealed properly, they threw it out. It was explained to me that they made more money throwing it away and claiming it as a loss, than if they donated.

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I was a Mgr for Boar's Head, you know how much meat we use to throw out? The lunch-meat would still be good for 10 days after expiration.

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all good? 🙏🏻