If we already won then one must ask "what is all this craziness and utmost stupidity being shown to me form the deep state puppets"? This IS A PLAY . TO WAKE PEOPLE UP. THAT IS WHY EVERY PLAYER IS ACTING COMPLETELY BONKERS SAYING THE WEIRDEST THINGS TO EXPOSE THE AGENDA OF THE DEEP STATE. So the question is " how far do they have to go with showing the people of the world how dumb this is?

At some point the people will have to know the truth. That will be the EBS.
Until then more and more is going to be exposed.

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Sorry I disagree that this Movie is "waking people up". They are just as blissfully unaware as ever. The Truth can Stand on its own. It doesn't need sugarcoating or distillation. Replace the Media n Report the Truth. Take the demonic programming off TV. Those 2 items alone will awaken great numbers of People. Most are soo oblivious they still can't identify a Double and the Doubles are doin the same horsepuckey anyway. The Movie is as Productive as flippin Participation Ribbons. BTW God works with Remnants not Majorities. Pull the Bandaid off n send the EBS. Get to the 10Days of Darkness. Replace the Leadership of Corrupt Nations. Show Justice for the Atrocities done to the Children. The Popcorn is Stale. The only Light was the Health n Freedom Conf. Names named n the Truth touched all who watched. At least they shot straight n got it done! Get on with it already....

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In response Tim Larlee to his Publication

65% of people MUST wake-up before the truth is revealed. They must practically 'ask' 'beg' the Military to intervene...

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In response Tim Larlee to his Publication

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