I just reserved 'THEPEOPLESBRIDG'

At POTUS' new social media site...

No, not a 'typo'.
I used the max # of characters allowed 😊

I think Patriots will know who's account it is, none the less.


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Truth seeker, Child of God, WWG1WGA, Trump is my President, Love of Nature, animals, and people in general. God Wins...

In response Veronica Wolski to her Publication

Will look for you there as well....

In response Veronica Wolski to her Publication

#thepeoplebridge See you there Patriot. 5:5

Moving at Speed of Thought. The truth has no master. Timelines converged. Qo Time. 1111, 369, 17- 19, [1871]. I pledge to you all that I AM.

In response Veronica Wolski to her Publication

The Bridge is reserved. It is protected. I predict a plaque of great honor will be attached to it someday soon - a story of great import. A story about holding the line for truth and saving souls.

Standing on a Bridge. Speaking Truths. Being God's messenger. Hopefully changing a narrative or two.

In response Purpose Prophet to his Publication

Perhaps a more accurate story will be told...
Of all the 'Teachers of Men' that passed below this humble Bridge.

Creating curiosity... with their honks, waves, & support.

Motorists, that did not know of our Battle between Good & Evil, learnig to 'pay attention' and to look things up...
And in so doing, Saving Our Nation.


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