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🧐Only 15 in this pic

i miss twitfacin' 🤨

❤❤❤❤ Love ya!

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i know. i miss you too! love you ❤️❤️❤️

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that's not coincidence. these are the kinds of things that act as waypoints keeping my hope alive.

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🙏🙌Grateful for your posting it here!
I miss these since being banned from Twit!


you can still go to the twitter feed for any information source you may have been following. i wish it was possible to add them in as bookmarks HERE so we could avoid the cesspool and still get the research data

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thats good now take those masks of our guys.

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WEhat does "shift colors" mean. So the CI A went from a colored logo to B/W a couple days ago. Is there another meaning?

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Good catch on the CIA logo though!

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Does anyone speak Japanese? This vid about logo change looks interesting.

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Red Team to Blue Team?
Coinciding with weird horned guy coming out as Captain America?

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i heard 17?😍🥰

17 on the 11th you say? 😍