Ellen Caroline @MemesMatter
,Even satans spawns are Gods Children
I wonder what the plan is(?)
I do trust it,but that doesnt mean i dont work for it, quite the contrary
I think bcs we ,humanity was tricked,not the originator of betrayel,and fell
,its a shorter travel for us to reach conciousness that is what Jesus taught
,where the Traitors who are the perpetraitors, whom continued the deception and war til now(!)
Have a much longer travel to reach conciousness to play the game not a game and find their way Home
I dont Even know if its possible
The weaving out part+time i do believe in,where we have indicators here

A metaphore can be making food, we know what to eat,what to throw away, what can be used for what if not edible,and back to the earth it goes,the circle of life (?)
So is the cosmic circle of conciousness if that Even translates
The decoding of bæd dna for humanity is done with what Jesus taught us,God first
The [coating] i believe will shake off from the vibrational freq
03:01 AM - Nov 29, 2023
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