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Dr. Morse is a Naturopath and his information is very enlightening and informative. I highly recommend his content for ANYONE who wants to improve their health and get away from allopathic (Big Pharma = witchcraft and socerery) cartel and mafia - check out his site.

He is now concentrating on teaching and he has been a naturopath for 50+ years!! :) Here's to YOUR HEALTH!!

ThanQ Dr. Morse for you love and dedication to getting the TRUTH out about food being medicine and helping to empower US to take control of our lives!! :)
01:16 PM - Mar 30, 2023 (E)
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Rosa Rutherford @romey195421
30 March, 01:22
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Not only medicines, we need more natural soap, shampoo etc and have our clothes made more from wool, cotton etc.

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LightAngel9 ... @lightangel9
30 March, 01:28
In response Rosa Rutherford to her Publication
I agree 1000% - if anyone has any sources for these types of products please chime in and let us know. This way we can build a group of links and information we know to be healthy and helpful to share with others. This will free us from their evil matrix and allow us to liberate ourselves and become healthy. The healthier and stronger we get the more we can be there to help and uplift others. Isn't that what it is ALL about?? :)

Much LOVE to ALL :)

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