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Dr. Malone says he is vaccine-injured from his 2nd dose of Moderna. 😡

πŸ”΄ New Hope for Vaccine-Injured Comes from a Treatment Protocol With Nattokinase πŸ”΄

Dr. Robert Malone: "I've just completed this FLCCC recovery protocol that has multiple different drugs. And I augmented that with another agent that is an enzyme – which helps break up these fibrin clots – called nattokinase. And I can tell you personally ... I feel much better. My wife tells me I have longer stride length; I have much more energy and stamina than I used to have after completing that protocol β€” which is in part designed, as you say, to displace spike off of various binding sites in your body."

Full Interview:

πŸ”— Source: VigilantFox (Gab)
03:22 AM - Mar 30, 2023
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01 April, 07:54
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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talked about nattokinase about two years ago. This guy really needs to repent…

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