This has been what I have posted in TW, when my missions were completing,as 45 makes the news of 1st rollout of Moderna/JJ or so, accordingly to my targeted zones,ie area 51 for Moderna, all R 5D vax aka ascension/freedom codes w/ Whiteout on SR. He also said 9mos of development on the Vax (5D meaning/repair crew on the system), w/c were all the Capitols/NPs/Keystones/vortices water-fire. These alone ramps her Hz=the 5D wall for lower ETs/avatars, who are going to exit, w/c many have w/ COV-ID for those who did SRAs/drink the blood of kids, be it andreno/wine addicts/committed crimes/karma cant recover fr,not willing to change. BC it's all recorded in one's DNA Hz/code, as one's karma is not healed, to ascend or not. WHY no one can escape her TRUE ENDGAME Justice. Some voluntarily left, soul made the call to exit, to repeat lessons or be a catalyst to trigger a love one's healing to ascend.
11:13 AM - Mar 20, 2023 (E)
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LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
20 March, 11:48 (E)
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VK once posted a timeline (pic 3) arrival/use of HCQ (aka W&W/Blue Rays-repair grid crew=Family of Rays-haarp w/c he posted b4, the final warriors for the ENDGAME frontline-battle/hunters/GKs on the move). HCQ (deeper meaning w/ G-code) ends it all, w/c is timed w/ a co-starseed posts of incoming warriors from 2017-2018 activation...why VK also posted they were hunting down the bloodline w/ 23&me (Christ Consciousness-guardians bloodline from 12 tribes-GFL alliance/builder races)-W&W changing/restoring the system back to DEFAULT design.

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judith Kennison @JudyinAmerica
20 March, 11:53
In response LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL to her Publication
I hate to offend you cuz I do like your posts and believe you have a lot to offer us anons but it’s very hard to understand some of your posts cuz you either have broken English or you break up your thoughts with a lot of shortened words

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