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I'm a Patriot in IL. I'm going to put this out there...the worst President in our history is GHWB. He was the backbone of the acceleration of the NWO. He orchestrated the Presidencies of Clinton & Obama, he said it on 9/1190 that the NWO would be our future. They're all blood related...

Chicago's downfall is directly related to Obama, Big Mike, Rahm Emanuel, Daley's, Pritzkers....the list goes on.

The mirror image of Chicago is Israel. Both will fall together, I believe. Chicago first with the fall of Larry Lightfoot will facilitate the fall of Israel. That would be the unraveling of the entire state of IL. Rahm was their foot soldier. He also was the foot soldier with Pakistan & the Awans.

This goes so deep. GHWB didn't have politics, he had an agenda. I know it goes much further than this but 1990 was the year of the NWO & their push, I believe
11:20 PM - Mar 03, 2023
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