Kakoli Bandyopadhyay @BaphometKiller
@ KatAnnonUp
This will help you to realize that you are a fucking liar
NATO is not Na-Z NATO is absolute Pro -Z
In fact NATO and EU the HQ in Brussels Belgium is now a
COMPLETE SODOM AND GOMORRAH and in the age of post Bolshevik Russia EU and NATO both went full fledged to spread gender bender Wiemar Republic in whole Western Europe America Canada.
I yet to get the point of war in Ukraine. Is it against bio labs or is it against a Na -Z No to Z gender Ukraine.
Putin administration is a Rothschild Israeli Chabad administration that helping Erdogan in Turkey.
From HQ of Na-Z No to Z gender, No to Zionist World Order
01:33 PM - Feb 07, 2023
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