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07 December, 01:45 (E)
The hidden TRUTH of what the birth of Cristos is really all about. WE are the 2nd coming of Christ, the collective ascended. The Vatican will not tell you their lies, or they'll lose all their slaved sheep for LOOShH in giving one's pwr to their timeline trap in their stories, to idol worship externally, when everything what the bible says is internal. All the answers & gateway back to Heaven is all w/in not outside of self. I've shared truth back on twitter & even here, but most are not ready to accept it & few unfollowed me even,meaning it's a sign one hasn't fully gone thru their own pentecost/christ oil ascension process. BTW, this is the true Jim Carey (WHs know, & he's been part of the movie BTS), not vrilled-clone, as many celebs have who did the SRA stuff & been hunted/purged by Q-mil/grd crew in past H-wood ops during the 2018 govt shutdown, as I'd hear the mil helos hover my house past midnite into wee hrs towards LB harbor,w/ team above.
"This Is The Sacred Secret" | INSTANT THIRD EYE ACTIVATION - YouTube

Jim Carrey's Full Explanation of Sacred Secretion and Cerebrospinal Fluid. The Christ Within.Many thanks to Dr. Santos Bonacci. Subscribe to his channel: htt...

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I just have to weigh in here... it's true that the name of our Creator, Yahweh, is coded into our DNA, He marked His creation with His name. (You might say this was the first 'branding' of a product by it's creator🙂) Yahweh created us to be in loving relationship with Him, He did NOT create humans to be 'gods'. There is one God, Yahweh, or Elohim, the plural term which references Yeshua, His son, and the only means of salvation for humanity. We cannot save ourselves, our bodies have nothing to do with our salvation. Yeshua alone is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him. No one should be listening to Jim Carey for spiritual information, we should look to the Word of Yahweh for the answers we seek. All answers are found in the risen and living person of Yeshua, who walked the earth once before in physical form, and will come to earth again in the latter days. All answers are found in Him, He's the Living Word, NOT us.
10:27 PM - Dec 07, 2022
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02 June, 08:30
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This is the truth. It is scriptural. We cannot save ourselves. Only Yeshua saves us and He does it continuously, not at one time but throughout our lives, daily He streams His Divine Love into our hearts. We must strive to know His Divine Truth and not allow ourselves be distracted by false idols no matter how much we like the story.

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02 June, 10:46
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