Thungawd ... @Bipitybopityboo
...It had to be this way

Military is the only way

Lots of things happening behind the SCENES<
I'll keep you updated all week....

( There are many out there who don't believe in DEVOLUTION PLAN or don't believe if it's been Activated or not........ That doesn't matter NOW.. As we head into Storm 🔥......... NCSWIC)......

WHAT I CAN TELL YOU IS TRUMP IS GOING TO SAVE THE U.S. WITH hidden technology and energy that is going to shock the world in his second term+++ ( damn...... ELON, TRUMP, USSF , > TESLA
07:53 PM - Dec 05, 2022
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America First @Realdeal
05 December, 07:58
In response Thungawd ... to his Publication
2024 ?

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