Bee Bee @BxAx17
I was having this heavy dream, stuck in an academia filled with indoctrinated people talking to me, boring, never ending BS, bla bla bla I was so annoyed in the dream and I said you know what Imma jump timeline and find me some sandy beach and take a dive....
And I started flying in the dream out of that place and I actually found beautiful clear water and jumped in it...
I could even breath underwater😂
Woke up and said to myself:
You might as well be a Little timetraveler in the making...
Could I?
Could we all?
I d like to be a time traveler when I grow up...
11:02 AM - Oct 12, 2022
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eva amálka k...... @AmalLikesToPlay
12 October, 11:39
In response Bee Bee to her Publication
Human would be surprised how many dreams may in fact be life's mission. 🙂🙃

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