02 April, 06:02
Tuesday March 28, early morning, my beautiful Mia, 17 years old, was stolen from me, killed in a hit and run in Tarpen Springs FL. .
We know what kind of vehicle hitt her but we can't find it.
The Police is asking anyone who could have information to come forward.
Mia was crossing the street on the crossway. She was hit from the side, suggesting that she didn't even see it come.
The medical examiner told me that some pieces of the truck were found on the scene, indicating that we are looking for track damaged in the front. It was so violent that she died on the spot and didn't suffer, Thank God!
We are heart broken, I want to find the horrible person that did it and didn't even stop! That person needs to be brought to justice.
If you see a pick up truck, 2014-2017 sylver TOYOTA TUNDRA
Please contact Cpl. John Gibson or Officer Steve Gassen at 727-938-2849 if you know anything.
We need to go viral to get her justice. Someone must have seen something.
Help us find justice for Mi

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Phantom Virus2020 @Phantomvirus2020
02 April, 12:45
Wow..interesting. UFOs, Skinwalker Ranch, Alien Invasion:

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Lauren M Bradley @Lauren_M_Bradley
01 April, 04:28
Navy decode


Black Out ⚫/ Please Take Care πŸ™/ Pattern / Im Thirteen / All Bets Are Off / Peace At Last ✌/ Pepe The Frog 🐸/ Last Pope / Be The Defender Of God 🐲/ ABUNDANCES / Install Enoch / Humiliated / The Mother πŸ’™/ Bunnies 🐰/ Personal File / Lone Star 🌟/ All Hands On Deck Q / 88 / Wow Signal / America Needs God 🦌/ Archangel Gabriel 🎺/ Drink Water 🚰/ Green Means Go 🟒/ Mary Magdalene 🌹/ Kitchen Sink / New Beginning / Redeem The Time / Roar Of Lion 🦁/ Cant Fight Fate / Santa Hammer πŸŽ…πŸ”¨/ Divine Teacher / Just Wait / Rich And Happy / Why Me Lord / Dont Stop / The Alchemist / Dont Look Back / Asking For Help πŸ˜­πŸ™/ I Tries Hard / Places To Go / Ghost Rider πŸ‘»/ Kim Runner 🌈/ Harvest Day / A Place For Codes / All Hands On Deck / She Loves Me ❀/ Bird Set Free / I Need Help Sos πŸ†˜οΈ/ Get Loud / Selfish Pride πŸ™„/ She Dont Care 😭/ Bob The Builder πŸ”¨
TS 14:01 - 2:01


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Hope Always888 @HopeAlways888
01 April, 04:02
Hi beautiful souls, I am asking for prayers. I need them for my son and for my niece. My son has some health issues that need healing (not jabbed but is always around the jabbed) and my niece who is young and jabbed to the max has been sick a lot. I just learned today that she had shingles for a week. My dad got Shingles before he died because he had no immune system after fighting bone marrow failure for 13 years. I can't even offer advice because I have been told what I can and cannot talk about. Please pray with me. My niece was the first child who opened up my heart in my 20s. She's my GOD CHILD and has turned away from GOD. She not only needs her body healed but she needs to turn back to GOD. I feel helpless with them both and I love them very much. Please pray for them for me. Thanks as always for being such beautiful lights in this insane world. I love you so much.

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KrakenQrew _Zum @LanieLou5
01 April, 02:59
QOD = Drug Dealers run illegal drug businesses.

WHY would they intentionally KILL their customer base?
They wouldn't.

So the question IS...

WHO is lacing street drugs with Fentanyl & now Tranq?
Who has 'Skin in the Game' of Mass Murder?

Maybe the same group that tried to Genocide us w/
Gene Editing Covid Jabs... Satanic NaziWO Khazarian-
WEF Mafia.
Skin Rotting 'Zombie Drug' Causes Havoc Across The US Cities - YouTube

A new 'Zombie Drug', Xylazine or Tranq is causing havoc in US cities. This skin-rotting 'zombie drug' was approved for veterinary use by US Food & Drug Admin...

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