BlueRay/Sisterhood Of Rose/Lyran GK; COBRA Ops Team to rtn GAIA to 5D+ Heaven on Earth Hz; Clocked in ~230k mi of travel in 3 yrs; WINNING

⚡ 45 for 21st, and ⚡🔥 ☀️ 60 for FRYDAY SRA date by VATICAN (2nd pic), made up Xmas date for cyclical/sorcered 3D timeline loop to keep many faith followers stuck in the 3D matrix-controlled mind! Ever since I've been activated & guided to other grd crew/star family w/ some of the truth on Jesus story by the Vatican version, w/c was rooted from the Isis/Osiris Egyptian pagan story, to seek outside of self for their savior so the Vatican Dracos can harness that soul energy, when the True messiah has been the Christ Consciousness/Sacred Soul w/in all.

NOTE TO SELF: You are the Second Coming of Christ, each and every soul awakening & ascending to their Sovereign DIVINE Power as the Divine Spark of GOD source, which all the former enlightened time traveler ET guardian-teachers of light/messenger of the past like Buddha/Yeshua/Allah. #VaticanFooledAllToEnslaveTheWeakMinds #The5DTruthIsNotForEveryone#SheepNoMore

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