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It's always something Satanic, Masonic, but this year they didn't even try to hide it, and Bill Gates just said another Pandemic is coming.

Jan 6th Defendants still jailed without bail.

Canada has fallen.

Everyone wants to keep talking about "peaceful protest".

I'm done... There's no use even discussing any of this anymore.

The world has fallen, and it is what it is.

There is no freedom anymore. It's gone. You just don't want to admit it.

You think voting, or petitioning, or protesting, or sharing some BS on social media will make a difference. It won't.

No one who is capable will do anything.

We have lost.

So next is figuring out what part of the middle of nowhere does my family move to, because participating in this society regardless of what State you're in is pointless.

If anyone wants their own Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Store, OnlyFans clone, let me know. You register the domain name yourself, and I'll develop everything for you and host it. Hosting is on my private servers off-shore, lightning fast.

Twitter clone: $50 (hosting $35 annually)
Facebook clone: $75 (hosting $35 annually)
Soundcloud clone: $50 (hosting $35 annually)
OnlyFans clone $35 (hosting $35 annually)

If you have any other ideas you want to do online, message me, and I'll coordinate with you to get it done.

1. Gas prices today are for fuel that was refined a year or more ago. It's going to take a couple months before the $100/barrel of oil effect on gas prices, and it won't be good.

2. Import/Export container fees went from $1,500 as a low to sometimes as high as $30,000 per container, so prices will go much higher.

3. I'm not saying you need to run out and be a doomsday prepper, but I will suggest you get a good six month supply of necessities and emergency items.

4. IF Russia invades Ukraine it will cause supply issues with things like Amonia, Wheat, Coal, Petroleum. Food shortages are already happening in various places due to the supply chain. Furthermore, the invasion could embolden China to invade Taiwan, and that would place us in WWIII.

Official data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms that the Covid-19 vaccines are now showing a negative effectiveness against hospitalization and death. A negative effectiveness that is declining by the week. This does not just mean the vaccines are ineffective; it means they are damaging the immune systems of the recipients who are now many times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 or die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated population.

All the truckers groups deleted on Gab, and they removed their accounts. Not sure if Gab did it, or the individuals did it. I think the individuals did it because the Gab networking guy had a breakdown saying everyone was following too fast, and no one was signing up to pay for Pro or donating to the site, and that it costs them too much money and resources to handle the load. It's just pure shit.

JUST IN - Billionaire Peter Thiel to step down as board member of Meta, Facebook's parent company, to support Trump-aligned candidates (WSJ)

Zuckerberg's Meta stock fell 5.1% today, adding to losses after its bleak forecast last week.

Jesus is KING!!! ✝️ #FamilyIsEverything . 11:11 #JFKJRLives ✨❤️✨ #GodWins #WWG1WGA . 5/21 ♊️ Truth Social: @CaseyDee521

We MUST stop this NOW!!!
[They] are ALL EVIL for pushing this!!!

Explain this to me? How do we go forward?

Negotiations are over and police are ready to move in.

RCMP is opening the US Canada highway (Alberta).

Police gave choice to Truckers to leave or be arrested and held.

Allow me to explain something very clearly:

1. I am a (former, but ALWAYS still United States Marine).
2. I have fought for, killed for, and nearly died for this great nation.
3. My whole family served this great nation (Marines, Sailors, Soldiers).
4. I am a Constitutionalist, God-Fearing, Conservative, Libertarian.
5. My Oath will never expire; not to this Nation, not to you, not to God.
6. I do NOT want a violent revolution in the U.S., but I also know it's coming.
7. Revolution has never required the majority; only 1-3% to change everything.

My Promise(s):

- I will absolutely fight again for this great nation, and I will never bow to any Unconstitutional demands. I do not negotiate with Foreign or Domestic enemies.

- I am your greatest ally, friend, and Patriot, but I am your worst enemy.

- I have seen war, death, and dug my own hole to either live or die in. I have done things you have not dreamt about in your worst nightmares. Many of us have, and we came hom

The Police are going to move in, start arresting truckers, and haul them off into political internment camps, just like they did in D.C. on Jan 6th. Then everyone else will be discourage from doing anything, because trucks will be confiscated, impounded, and people will lose everything. The time for peaceful protest passed a long time ago. Either we fight this violent revolution, or give up.

MAGA. MEGA. WWG1WGA! 🍊🍊🍊⭐️⭐️⭐️

In response WORLDANON .COM to her Publication

Make a list. Just your area. Elites don't expect to pay for their crimes. They will.

I never trusted people to begin with, but the last two years has destroyed every last speck of trust people had for anyone in our government, or so-called independent institutions. Even those asleep no longer trust the FBI, CDC, FDA, or our own family doctors. We have literally been abandoned, and deceived by everyone. The bad news is we're all alone. The good news is we have the slimmest chance to get our hands dirty, and start eliminating the threats. If we do not do this, we will absolutely lose everything, and we will have failed to uphold our last and only commandment which is to protect our children, and their futures. We are about to fail on a scale that cannot be forgiven. Placing your hopes in mid-terms, or DJT running in 2024, or the SCOTUS, or the latest discovery of voter fraud will accomplish nothing. We are OUT OF TIME!

There's pain that uses you, and there's pain that you use.

I'm frustrated; like you. I apologize if I come across pessimistic, negative, or angry. I wish I could tell you that I'm none of those things, but the last couple years have changed everything, including me. I pray for all of us, and hope we can figure out a way to join together somehow, some way, and overthrow all of these elites, put them in Guantanamo, and live stream them hanging or in front of a firing squad, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, like a reality tv show, until every single one of them meets their demise, and then get fed to the sharks!

The whole world is ran by TwEeKeRs!

A multi-billionaire, former President with two centuries of family legacy in building stuff, is upset because his team just can't figure out how to finish a Twitter clone social network before the mid-terms. People actually believe this. There's one very vivid reality some of us have learned from this plandemic, and that is the fact that there are a lot more stupid people on this planet than we ever suspected. At this point, all we can do is chuckle and ask what's for dinner.