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CABAL COMMS: Bill Clinton (code name Eagle) has been indicted and taken to Guantanamo Bay

Bill Clinton's 'urinary infection hospitalization' appears to be cover for Bill Clinton's arrest. BC's 'spokesperson', Angel Urena, posted a comm-filled statement yesterday to the Cabal at 11:02am. 112 = RACHEL CHANDLER, and ELEVEN TWO AM = 135 = GUANTANAMO BAY.

Urena's statement broken down = 68 (INDICTED) and = 81 (ARREST). Urena's full statement 149 = THEY TOOK HIM = THEY TOOK EAGLE. 'Dr. Amin's' attached statement = 179 = B CLINTON ARRESTED.

This Bill Clinton development seems to be the reason Colin Powell's death was announced. COLIN POWELL HAS DIED = 186 = BILL CLINTON GITMO = EAGLE AT GUANTANAMO BAY.

While there is a strong argument to be made for the original versions of these Swamp Creatures having already been arrested and 'processed', it appears the movie is nearing the point of showing these developments.

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We, the People - need to have this constitution worldwide!

UK News. Coronavirus Act extended another 6 months completely unopposed! Proof that the murder of MP David Amess (who opposed vaccine passports) was a warning signal to the other MPs not to oppose...?
Simply MK-Ultra a mentally-vulnerable young man to kill him. Political gain achieved. They also want an excuse to stop MPs and Councillors holding live surgeries for face-to-face public access.


OK..... who did this?! 🤪👍🏻😎

New Zealand stands with the rest of the world in the fight for freedom.

My Hometown in New Zealand

Truth Seeker. Loved Husband. Proud Father. I'm a German but Trump is my President. #FamilyIsEverything #AmericaFirst

Listen closely.

This is not a game.

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Really now?! We’re supposed to believe this thing is totally lee-git. The stupid thing has chrome on it, for goodness sake!
No thanks!
We get to the other side of this...that 💩, and everything like it, needs to be flushed right down the crapper. No more keeping memorials to satanic, evil crap. A pic of these whatevers in an educational book is all that will be necessary. “Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

I Engineer. I build in forward and reverse.

"If anybody from the government comes and says "We're going to help you, we're going to shield you from Covid, you run."

Hard Working Patriot, Mom, Wife, Animal Lover, Trump & Q fan, hoping for a better world and trying to help more to Wake Up...WWG1WGA

🔥 German Health Minister Announces End of Emergency
🔥 German Pandemic Ended Today 💥

Stringer Link:

I follow back all Patriots. Expose the truth! Question everything. I trust God and God's plan. #JesusIsMySavior

There is Graphene Oxide in the vaccines. The vaccines create spike proteins in the body. Anyone who has had the vaccine is supposedly going to pass away within 2 years. This is genocide. This is Agenda 21, the plan to depopulate 95% of the world by 2030.

If you know anyone who has been vaccinated, please try to get them to take NAC. Someone asked Ghost Ezra if there is any hope for the vaccinated and he said NAC. NAC is dubbed the "master detoxifier." It is said to eliminate free radicals and heavy metals from the body. It helps to combat cell damage throughout the body. NAC boosts the immune system, suppresses viral replication, and reduces inflammation.

( 7 pictures)

Picture#1: NAC (it does not need to be this brand); Pictures#2 and#3: (screenshots of what NAC does); Picture#4: Ghost Ezra screenshot about NAC; Picture#5: Vaccines causing spike proteins throughout the body. There is a lot of research on this if you dig; Pictures#7 and 8: Ghost Ezra screensh

🌷Christian. Patriot. MAGA all the way! Deplorable. ProLife. ProGun. ProIsrael. #SaveTheChildren. #StopTheSteal. #GodWins. #GITMO[them]🌷

"Remember Tiffany Dover, the nurse who collapsed on live television after receiving one of the first death-shots?

Find out what happened to her right prepared to get very angry!"

WATCH AND LISTEN CAREFULLY. THIS IS INSANE! Finally a doctor willing to say it

Thanks !!! 🙏 ❤️

French deplorable. Fed up with global bullshit. Twitter Veteran. Till the last Mason, the last Jesuit got drained, I will hold the line

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I know his work from gureih and chatzefratz. he's spot on ... Many still don't see

JESUS is KING || DJT+4 || #WWG1WGA ~ #MAGA || IFBAP || @OGAnonK3nob1 : Gab, Wego, CloutHub, Telegram, Rumble, 107Daily


Pause everything for the next 30+ minutes, this isn't a joke.

I send this in LOVE...:

I trust only the ones I love. I'm a verbal assassin, a #SaveOurChildren sniper. I spread God, Truth and Love. I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS..

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gab, gettr, telegram, any mass media pushed social media platforms are CIA data mines.... please wake up... the time is short.

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What if everyone ditched their phones???

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I Engineer. I build in forward and reverse.
Brick Islands in America (Alchemy Bonus)
This week we look at the largest brick structure in America, artificial islands of the past, and finally a rant on alchemy.
Thanks for watching, God bless, and I love you all!!!

Brick Islands in America (Alchemy Bonus) - YouTube

This week we look at the largest brick structure in America, artificial islands of the past, and finally a rant on alchemy.Thanks for watching, God bless, an...

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We explain the Situation in Trieste
"The way things really are",
for the benefit of those who do not know:
Following the Agreements that provided for,
in 1954 the return of Trieste to Italy,
between the United States, Great Britain and Italy,
a clause hidden from the general public was placed, according to which:
the Port of Trieste,
Maritime Terminal of the whole,
Central and Eastern Europe were:
"Free Territory" or "Zona Franca"
Obviously, since Libero and Franco,
there is nothing on a Strategic Site
how's that,

it was a formula to conceal the fact that
the Italian State Administration,
remained outside the Port
and from its perimeter in front,
to be the same,
controlled by the Americans.
There is obviously a Port Authority,
but on the facade
and the regulation of employment relationships,
it's different than elsewhere,
albeit masked behind a facade of, Category Accords.
It is no coincidence that from the images coming from the perimeter in front of the entrance gates, it is not possible to notice:
only one policeman,
only one Carabiniere,
one mobile phone,
one truck only,
which remain not by chance:
"outside the external perimeter".
The fact that,
all major American television and journalistic newspapers talk about it in their openings,
while in Italy there is only a hint of it, it shows that:
Trump's alliance,
It is manifesting itself in full in Italy,
By leveraging the areas he controls.

When I read that
the fully certified Movements of:
Italian Military Departments with Convoys transported of Tanks in tow along the Via Romea on the Adriatic coast heading North East,
are read as government actions,
Aimed at repressive action,
on the Port of Trieste,
so I laugh out loud.
I add that,
Protests are manifested by the Italian Air Force,
at the Sigonella Air Base in Sicily.
For those who don't know,
this Air Base,
The Principal of the Mediterranean,
it is divided into 2:
One part Italian and the other American.
But there are those who giggle ..
when it comes to Trump and the Alliance,
Vs the New World Order,
of which the "Corporation of Italy" is a pillar.
(this is the real international name of Italy disguised as "Italian Republic")
Now many mocking laughter,
they will begin to fade.
The end,
Of the New World Order in Italy,
Start from Trieste.

Only followers of this user (@MrDeeds1111) can see their posts

Only followers of this user (@MrDeeds1111) can see their posts

Only followers of this user (@MrDeeds1111) can see their posts

Only followers of this user (@MrDeeds1111) can see their posts