SuezQed !!!
11 days ago

SuezQed !!!

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# 33 since December in that area….. We have a ton of tunnels in SC. I think they’re blowing them up… just a thought!! 🤔🤷‍♀️




Q The Storm Rider verifies Juan O Savin
on GEORGIA/Senate 🌪️

Juan O Savin
"We’re about to see some AMAZING
UNBELIEVABLE things happen.. in Georgia..
You will not believe what the consequences of a stolen election
are going to lead to..
They’ve got those satanic GA Guidestones
‘We want to bring the population of the planet
down to ½ a billion’..
We the Moloch & Baal worshipers
save planet Earth by killing everybody?..
It's a challenge to God himself..
who gave the Earth & all that’s in it to Adam & his seed.
They believe..
that by putting that stake in the ground there
they can own the outcome of the whole country.
The reality is
that festering piece of sh*t monument to the devil himself
they put it in Georgia?
That’s where the heel of God’s boot lands
right on their stupid ass head.
We’re going to flip this thing around..
We’re gonna crush em.
We’re gonna break the teeth right out of their frickin’ skull."

Seems about right…🙄🤦‍♀️

Yes!!🤣#UltraMAGA 🇺🇸

Seems about right…🙄🤦‍♀️

Good morning and Happy Q day!✝️🌅