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🔴It looks like Argall has been converted to support a forensic audit in PA, now it time to barrage Jake Corman w/ calls/emails Harrisburg Office:
Indicate to his office, respectfully, that he is the only holdout & will be voted out of office immediately, will never hold office again as a Republican if he does not support the Constitutional forensic audit.
Jake Corman
350 Main Capitol
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Ph:(717) 787-1377

PA STATE SEN DAVE AGRALL: “I Support The Call For An Election Audit – This is the Best Path Forward”
If you call any of Sen Corman offices no one answers & you can leave your message on the answering machine.
Harrisburg Office
350 Main Capitol
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Ph:(717) 787-1377
Fax:(717) 772-3146
Centre Co District Office
236 Match Factory Pl
Bellefonte, PA 16823
Ph:(814) 355-0477
Fax:(814) 355-6046
Toll Free:(800) 828-7300
Mifflin Co District Office
31 W 3rd Street
Lewistown, PA 17044
Ph:(717) 242-2410

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Everything that Admiral Rogers stated about General Flynn is exactly how I perceive the General; but both are the greatest Amercan patriots in my time.

Dismembered body with El Salvador keychain? That certainly seems to point to MS-13.
"The FBI in Maryland is calling on the public to help identify a woman whose dismembered body was found by hikers over the weekend in Catoctin Mountain Park in Frederick County. In a news release, the FBI Baltimore Field Office said the hikers stumbled over a portion of the woman’s body Saturday in the 5,000-acre national park, which is in Thurmont, Maryland. Authorities said the woman had long, dark hair with braids. She was wearing a black track suit, a wrist guard and red Nike shoes. She was found with a Puma handbag and a set of keys with an El Salvador keychain.
The cause of the woman’s death is still pending an autopsy. Based on the on the body’s condition, it’s unclear how long the woman’s body was in the woods, authorities said."

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Zero hour. Zero DAY?

The calm before the storm.


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like a good counterpunch and DJT's a pro at it ... nobody ever learns

In Australia

As part of a three-year collaboration between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), authorities say underworld figures were tricked into communicating via an encrypted app that had been designed by police.

The app, known as AN0M, was used by organised crime gangs around the world to plan executions, mass drug importations and money laundering.

Authorities say they were able to read up to 25 million messages in real-time.

Police said they uncovered 21 murder plots and seized more than 3,000 kilograms of drugs and $45 million in cash and assets seized.

Operation Ironside stats
4,500 Australian officers involved
500 search warrants executed
224 people charged with more than 525 offences
104 firearms seized
$45 million in assets and cash seized
3.7 tonnes of drugs taken from syndicates
33 countries involved

I LOVE President Trump. AMERICA FIRST!

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Ever wonder why Facebook is forcing a Chinese style doctrine over its users? Do you think that maybe the CCP owns Zuckerberg?

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Thank you for posting this!😇🙏

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