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Jared was a bad hombre. The only question is, did Trump find out first from Ivanka or the NSA. It makes the world of a difference.

Hard Working Patriot, Mom, Wife, Animal Lover, Trump & Q fan, hoping for a better world and trying to help more to Wake Up...WWG1WGA

Asking Every Patriot to Stand Up and share this video....🇺🇸

MPORTANT!!! CURRENT SITUATION, and Need Help getting this Information to the correct authorities. (Quick attempt of a brief summary for the stay at this hotel, and its very spooky “Coincidences”
On April 2,2021- Room 126 at Wydman Braddock Inn/
(Best Western ) in La Vale, Maryland near Cumberland. Women being abused screaming, crying, very bad. (12:00 P.M.) reported to owners wife but don’t know that she understood (Non-American Decsent// Middle Eastern) that stood 6 rooms down the hall from the incident [ Left corridor, by room 115. [ CHECK CAMERAs]
—— I first was caught off guard when reported two times something had been stolen in plain sight, during Daylight hours. Reporting a missing 300$ item the second time to an uninterested front desk- only then was given glasses found in the females bathroom. As I was never close to being in that facility. What strikes me as odd and Deserves immediate attention is the trafficking operation being run out the hotel

Which US politicians helped Purdue launch their genocidal chemical attack which preceded the Chinese Chemical (fentanyl) and biological (SARS CoV2) attacks on America?
Fentanyl would not have been an effective weapon without 30 years of Oxycontin injection by Purdue and allies in USG.
OxyContin / Purdue Pharma has killed 10 times as many Americans as died in VietNam, 500,000 since Purdue started marketing it as a nonaddictive pain killer for minor aches, pains, etc.
"Conflict of Interest"
>But what has evolved, especially as it relates to the horrific ramifications of the opioid crisis, is the undisputed control of corporate America, and for purposes of this paper, the opioid supply chain. Sackler’s set the stage for rampant distribution of painkille


Queen to Rook 4 (threatening Knight
+ initiating check if Knight moves).

Castling your King (putting DJT back


Pineal Gland - Pinecone - Pineapple Does dried pineapple represent Cabal Andrenocrome supply is dried up (Evergreen)?

Interesting timing for ROYAL imagery with Prince Phillip Royal Regent’s recent RIP.

Where is DJT sitting in the Masterpiece
by John McNaughton (Westminster Abbey
Prodigal Church of British Royals & location
of Prince Phillip’s Funeral)?

The Masterpiece – John McNaughton.


The Great Reveal - What’s the next PLAY??

The copy of my 1972 high school yearbook arrived a few weeks ago, with an invitation to attend my 40th reunion. After recovering from the shock of seeing myself aged 17, I realised how portentous it was that I was a member of my New Jersey school’s American Dream Club.
As a middle-class girl from nowhere, I believed that if I worked hard and played by the rules my future would be anything I wished it to be.
‘What you learn as a kid, you learn good,’ my father constantly told me. (My mother would simply say: ‘Be good.’)
Of course, Western society had its ‘one per cent’ of multi-millionaires when I was growing up, but there was no Occupy Wall Street movement.–stop-greed-corruption-threaten-destroy-American-Dream.html

Follow the Yellow Brick Road… means follow the trail of Stolen Gold. Between 1916 and 1933, most of America's gold was hoarded by the Private Federal Reserve Bank and shipped to Fed owners in England and Germany.
The reason was the Federal Reserve Notes could be redeemed in gold and the use of Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's) carried an interest penalty that could only be paid in gold.
When Federal bankruptcy was declared in 1933, Americans were required to turn in all gold bullion, gold coins, and gold certificates by May 1st (MAY DAY, the birthplace of Communism in Bavaria in 1776, the birthday of the IRS, celebrated worldwide as the "International Workers Holiday", a Holy Day indeed to the Wizard and his Tribe).
Under the Doctrineof the Emergency War Power Act of 1917, FDR yanked the security of gold from the American people. A state of National Emergency was

I am awake and at one with God. WWG1WGA Good Prevails I also have a merch store link in the description and my own MEDIA LABEL


Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network.

Regular Ninth Circle child sacrifices were said to take place in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals, the Vatican, on private estates and groves and government military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and the US.

[ Album ]

Everything you wanted to know about the number 33 and more.


Richard Citizen Journalist 🔥 D.C. @ 11:27 a.m. 4-13-21
“At the capital. There’s all this water.
3” of water right there. Don’t know where it’s coming from.
You got troops, a film crew, cops
who got no idea where this water is coming from.”

Juan O Savin 🔥 1-10-21
“We’re gonna flood D.C. & wash it out.
We’re gonna divert the Potomac.
We’re gonna watch where the water comes out
of those slimy holes.
I don’t care if they’re 200 miles away.
And then after we’ve flushed it clean about 3 times
cuz we’re not taking any chances with any of our guys
THEN we’re going in
& we’re going door to door & we’re gonna clean that place out.
And we’re not gonna occupy it again
just gonna leave it fenced up
as a spectacle to the world
of the INSANITY of these groups
that have tried to manipulate us.
And we’re going back to right thinking.
Godly thinking.
Sound thinking.
Not these monsters that have taken over our country
& our way of life.”

Thank you 🙏 I don't think people realized I included the text from Juan's phone message re Washington D.C.

Here it is for those who missed it. It's so eloquent & true.

I've been asked about the bottom photograph. It's of President Kennedy and JFK Jr. in his jammies. In the message, Juan O Savin remembered little JFK Jr. saluting. I think of the joy junior brought his Dad 💞🇺🇸

just like Juan O Savin said they were gonna have to flood DC. I bet you there starting to flood all the tunnels

Born at 11:11 am. Big ❤️, cancer survivor, tyranny fighter. God, family and country are everything. Truth seeker, Truth Speaker❤️

👀 April 19 👀

Spiritual warrior and seeker of Truth.

George live chat just indicated that Q will post again.
Hold the wine.

🇺🇸🐸WWG1WGA🐸🇺🇸 #SAVEOURCHILDREN Fight like a Flynn👊🏼 Perm banned fb, Instagram, tic toc

In response News Corner to his Publication

contact Tim Ballard from Operation Underground Railroad O.U.R.

Carbon based breather of air. Keeper of candles and minder of bridges.

In response News Corner to his Publication

Apropos the Human Trafficking Hotline
Sadly, I'd only trust my Sheriff to protect us. The FBI protects their 'system'.

In response Lysanne anon to her Publication

Will do today. I've reported to Human trafficking hotline, the state police, and us marshall services


Happening in Alberta, Canada
Prayers for our brothers & sisters in Canada

From Ezra Levant - twitter

Government troops occupy a church in Alberta. Where’s the outcry — even from other churches?

I count thirteen vehicles as part of this police raid on a church. They’re erecting steel fences around it. Like China does when they uncover an illegal “house church”. Except this is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The same church whose pastor was thrown in prison for 35 days.