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Kim Osbøl: I Woke Up One Morning! Everything Was Fucking Gone! [04.12.2022]

With all links and info:

NOTE: So who the Fuck is Kim Osbøl from Copenhagen Denmark?

See this Compilation of 10 Music videos I made and get the Fucking answer!

I can only post on Bitchute and Telegram now...
And Why?
Because I'm a Fucking 'Conspiracy Theorist' Right!

So What is a Fucking 'Conspiracy Theorist'?

A person that research a subject and then uses Logic and Critical Thinking skills to form an Educated opinion instead of just blindly believing whatever they been told on the Radio, TV (Tell a Vision) or their 'Smart' Phone .
If you're not even willing to entertain the possibility that you have been fooled, then you are the easiest kind of person to Fool.

Kim Osbøl Copenhagen Denmark MANIFESTO! June 28, 2022.

I think this is Tamara@MyMyselfandI777 a few days ago, brand new info and content and made like Tamara did (All links are under the video)
Tamara (RegSledge7): The Chaos of War and The New Rule of Antichrist! [10.03.2022]

Another Trailer Deleted from Satanic YouTube - 'Brought to you by PFIZER' [23.02.2022]

Note: Remember, The Satanist and their Servant are Everywere in Plain Sight...
Here's the mail, my trailer (1:13 min) and fuld video again (5:24 min)
Music and how I 'feel': Gary Moore and Phillip Lynott 'Out In The Fields' (1985)

Another 'Strike' from Satanic YouTube Today! Part 1/2 [20.02.2022]

Another 'Strike' from Satanic YouTube Today! Part 2/2 [28.10.2021]

The Latest Reality Teaser to the Depopulation Jab Agenda [09.01.2022]
The ongoing unraveling of the death jab narrative & their dissolving illusions.
Brought to you by PFIZER - None the Wiser..

Spacebusters: 'Once Were the Living' Documentary (Part 2) [25.01.2022]
Again a must watch documentary if you value your life.
Links for verification under all my videos.

'Human Farming Project' 1-800-HFP-MEAT (Part 4 - Cannibalism) [11.01.2022]
Links for verification under all my videos:

'Human Farming Project' Part 1 (1-800-HFP-MEAT on Facebook) [06.11.2020]

'Human Farming Project' Part 2 (Spirit Cooking & Cannibalism) [10.04.2020]

'Human Farming Project' Part 3 (1-800-HFP-MEAT feat Oprah Winfrey etc..) [04.01.2022]

'Human Farming Project' Part 1 (1-800-HFP-MEAT on Facebook) [06.11.2020]

'Human Farming Project' Part 2 (Spirit Cooking & Cannibalism) [10.04.2020]

'Human Farming Project' Part 3 (1-800-HFP-MEAT feat Oprah Winfrey etc..) [04.01.2022]

Links for verification under all my videos.
Also here:

Donald Trump are also a SATANIST - Confirmed by his own Words... Again... [21.12.2021]
Remember Trump on 5G? And his 'Operation WarpSpeed'? - There is NO such thing as a 'Coincidence'!
Links for verification under the video.,

Oh God, Come Back Home [05.12.2021].txt
Note: This great music video with lyrics precise tell whats going on right now.

17.11.2021#Italian Governors Call For Unvaccinated to be Put Under Lockdown
Five Italian Governors have called for lockdown measures to be imposed on the unvaccinated, following the example of Austria, while Czech Republic and Slovakia are also moving to enforce similar measures.

My little Sister Now Dead + 'Situation' Update Denmark 'CV-19 Passport' (Trailer)[12.11.2021].txt
YT link:

11.11.2021#denmark#Exception for#INFLUENZA 'test,'vaccine' and 'PASSPORT' available for free at@CitizenService and completely without having to show a#MedicalCertificate???
'Order time' at@CitizenService and click on "Undtagelse for coronatest og krav om coronapas" :)

I must do something right :)
Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
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Sierra (NZ) Restored Republic via a GCR as of October 27, 2021
At some point soon the Emergency Broadcast System would activate worldwide and then seven messages would be sent to phones and TV sets throughout the Globe.

🍊ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier👩‍💻Covfefe is "In the end we win.✝️"God woke you for a reason.侘寂 🌴

For People who wanna know what's going on.
MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World? [18.10.2021]

5592 views on 4 days, maybe you should see (and share) it :)
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