Michaela Weiss
2 days ago

Michaela Weiss

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Nana, Direct Internal connection to God, WWG1WWA, MAGA, Angels are here already #FightLikeFlynn

Please pray with us tonight and help us manifest a Divine God Matrix for our children's future. 
We MUST unite together against a common enemy, satan and stand in God's authority.

Try to concentrate on your own connection to God these next couple of months.
It seems that this will test all of us soon.
Try to not get drawn off in directions of chaos and confusion.

If the MSM are trying to take you into chaos, recognize that if it is coming from then it probably is not truth.
Dont fall back into believing them when we get into real crisis.
They have lied to you all this time they are not going to start being truthful now.

Stick together united and use your God given resonance to calmly make decisions when you can.
God will be with us!

Nana thanks my frens John John john wain and@dennis1776 for the beautiful artwork for Nana's prayer. 


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