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It's still me. I follow my heart.

Do whatever it takes. Let it all go all the way down…
LOL ...it will be fun…

🌲🌳🌲🌳 This is exactly why I am not worried about the future. Will me run out of money, throw me out of the rent, deprive me of the land? So what...
I grew up in the mountains, I know nature well, wild animals are my companions, and thanks to fish or plants I won't die of hunger. For housing, there are more than enough rocks in the deep forests. I'll have peace there, the others are afraid to go into the deep woods. 😄
When I was little, they made fun of me for loving the woods, in which I spent myself whole days. Now it showing out to was correctly. LOL
...that's about it.

One day you will wake up from a dream and first you will think that you are dreaming.

I will never forget, in 2002, when Christopher called me Amál and then Sleeping Beauty. He pissed me off with that. Sometimes really only need one word to get started. LOL
"They" had a solid backdrop for it. But now, the "their" theater performance ends... forever...

Bye-bye, London!


The energy purge obviously continues. According to the latest news I have, the Russians are now sending help from shamans and balashin, also known as bone healers, for their soldiers in Ukraine.
Do you think this is nonsense? No, this is the reality.
Nonsense is what humanity had to grow up and live in. But that is all changing now - on a material, conscious, astral and energetic level.

The wet dream of all globalists, clones, entities and bio-robots that will NEVER come true.

song lyrics for translation


🧐 😄 George IV and his two children - the nightmare of an infiltrated fake degenerate "royal" family. 🤡😂🤡😂 A cabaret that lasts for several centuries for sheep. 🔥

‼️ℹ️‼️ A small reminder 👇

Epstein´s Blackbook

I'm here for a reason #FamilyIsEverything

Let it flow...


"It's time to see what I can do.
To test the limits and break through.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me.
I'm free."

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for my brothers 💛

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Always be yourself ...
... no matter where you are

Scorpions - Wind Of Change (World Events Version) - YouTube

Music video by Scorpions performing Wind Of Change. (C) 1991 The Island Def Jam Music Group

....yes, and not only the pyramids. Also teared down the walls of Jericho...

Vibrations with the right frequency, for a specific purpose, can move a mountain as well as awaken love..

Professional Free Spirit ✨ On a Mission for Mother Hearth💚 #KennedyVision Ambassador 🕊️ #FamilyIsEverything💖

To be a master storyteller is to wield great power...
As Plato said: “Those who tell stories rule society”

I thought about a video VK shared recently of a man who was abused as a child and refused to be a victim and his sentence " I decided to own my story" really hit me...
Phae also pointed out that we have the pen, we are the authors of our story...

Well I feel we are about to become much more than the news now...

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by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler.


The Coast to Coast campground resorts & 2. the Jesuit-run institutions, which are often programming sites incl. Jesuit College, WV. An example of the former is the Park City Diamond Caverns. KT Coast to Coast resort, which has had a sensory deprivation tank, headphones for state of the art harmonic programming. etc. These membership camp sites are used to program children.

Floods in Prague in 2002, the municipality decided which part would go under water. They were terrified that the center would not be flooded - more precisely, the area of the Old Town Square and the adjacent streets.
HardRockCafé Prague is also located in the area.There is also a Jewish cemetery nearby, said to have many more bodies buried there than officially reported.

They preferred to let the densely populated part of Prague - Karlín - sink

There is another "Prague" underground under Prague. A city under a city, hidden in the mud. The question remains what or who is there. If something lives in there, it might want to climb out, right? And I don't mean mice..

Do not enter the underground in the center of Prague without protected sensibilities!!!


🧐 I wonder if there is a doctor here on AU who can confirm or deny this.


‼️ There is no organ donation from the dead!

♦️ Organ donation is only available from living people!
No painkillers!
Only one agent is given to immobilize the patient.

Brain death is just a trick.
60% of the "brain dead" will wake up again
A legal gimmick hides the truth.

Ego should have no place, in the heart of man! Numquam Cedere -Never Surrender ***5 Year Active Duty... Veteran- Operation Desert Fox.

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It has been a long time, but someone explained that computer screens and TV screens are like a scrying mirror and the entities watch us in real time. They live in Saturn.

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Honest, trustworthy, loyal. PROUD to be an AMERICAN, period. Navy Nurse Veteran.

I will not go quitely

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Courtroom 600
is the legal conscience of Nuremberg and one of the most interesting places in the world.

💥®️ Magic The Gathering - 🔥 NOW IN LIVE... 🔥
Each plays with own deck of cards. 🎱 Strategy. ❤️💛💥

🧐 ....that reminds me of something... ♾️ 🙈🦉🐫 ♾️🙈🦉🐫....just wondering what stage we're in right now... 💥🤣