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Here for the truth

BLM Thug Who Held His Knee On White Crying Baby’s Neck Arrested And Jailed- Mugshot Released

Democrat Mayoral Candidate Zul Mohamed Arrested, Charged With 109 Counts For Mail-In Ballot Fraud Scheme

WATCH Tucker Carlson Savagely Obliterates Ilhan Omar, Suggests She Should Never Have Been Granted Citizenship

FLASHBACK - Website Behind Hit Piece Claiming Trump Called Dead Troops ‘Losers’, Owned By A Biden Mega-Donor, Laurene Jobs

Seven Scumbags Arrested For Human Trafficking Including Children- LOCK THEM UP!

Obama Private Phone Call Released: Implores Political Operatives to Help Protect Him…”We Gotta Make This Happen”

OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP: U.S. Marshals SNAG More Than 190 Gang Members, Sex Offenders And Violent Fugitives

At Least 176 ILLEGAL ALIENS Arrested In Special “OPERATION RISE”- Liberals Are Absolutely Pissed Off Because Of THIS Reasonl

California Democrat Councilman Charged In 34- Count Indictment On Wide Ranging Political Corruption

Squad Member Ilhan Omar On a Muslim Woman Being Nominated to The Supreme Court: Republicans Would Lose Their Minds

Man In MAGA Hat Sprays Anti-Trump Protesters With Bear Repellent Sending Them Scrambling

Trump Will Always be MY President ~~ GOD & family Always... "We the People" ~~ Fighting For Our Bill Of Rights And Our Constitution

Let that sink in

Former ESPN Commentator Jemele Hill Calls On Ocasio Cortez To Assassinate Trump

FLASHBACK - Watch As Trump Supporters Crash Kamala Harris’ Orlando Drive-In Rally Honking Horns, Chanting ‘Four More Years’

Trucker Who Plowed Through George Floyd Rioters Just Got THIS Huge Surprise- Millions Furious

ICYMI - Black Prison Rate Under President Trump Is Lowest In 31 Years…Down 24% For Hispanics- Media Silent

In 1987, Disgraced Joe Biden Dropped Out of Presidential Race… Apologized to America for Cheating to Win [Video]

Another Democrat Charged With Bribery And Ballot Stuffing

Video: Sheila Jackson Lee Demands Reparations “This is America’s responsibility”


I love my Country and President Trump. He gave us the Courage and the Hope for better things for our children and grandchildren. No DMs

They have no problem showing their symbolism.

AOC Drops F-Bombs During Tirade on House Floor, Accuses GOP Lawmaker of Accosting Her: ‘He Called Me a F*cking Bitch’ (VIDEO)

FLASHBACK - White Guy Dressed In Black (ANTIFA Terrorist?) Caught On Camera Paying Young Black Kids To Do Their Dirty Work

Watch As Antifa Thug Assaults Disabled Old White Man In Wheelchair

Video: Leftist Protesters Attack Man, He Escapes, Is Jumped Again, Opens Fire In Chilling Video

Joe Biden Caught Again In Disgusting Abuse Of Power & Attack On Press Freedom, Sends Letter To Media Demanding They Stop Exposing Him & His Son