Road a bus with Paula Deen's kiddo. When I went. lol For a minute. I used to do design for living arrangements, my boss was DEF eastern star, she is her friend. I know because she even said to me when she wanted me to do some work at her house, took me out back and showed me her back sitting area, that was you guessed it black and white. She said Stephanie, Do you know what that is? I said probably a whole lot better than you do........just made me think of that cause apparently yesterday was Paul Deens bday. I was also friends with here nephew that "killed himself" which is weird because YEARS before that HIS gf, was my buddy, and she "killed" herself, even bought the damn stuff ahead of time to get cremated, bought it ahead of time. I don't know. THEN being told "Albany Ga was an illuminati hotspot" weird stuff. Son was polite. Anne's friends were always coming in buying my arrangements and other things. For lots of money...

Always made me happy when I rode by Miss Anne's Garden shop and saw the arrangement area bare. lol After I quit. The reason I told her that I used the terminology eat shit and run a rabbit is because an old lady worked there, she was sick, Dr. had her on meds, she was not supposed to be in the sun, and Miss Anne told her she didn't care what the doctor said, basically, she better get her ass out there and work. AND that lady used the term eat shit and run a rabbit. lol

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