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The brain thinks, but the heart knows. 💗

In response Light and LOVE to her Publication

Definitely true, especially now when there is much more potential to feel drain! Just a trip to the grocery store & seeing all of the misled, fear filled people wearing masks is so draining!

We are multidimensional Beings living in an infinite Universe. We are powerful Co-creators!

In response Have Faith to her Publication

Yep! i know!

Now I prepare myself before I go out.
I put protection around me to block their energy and set an intention for ease in my movement through the store.

I also remind myself that soon there will be the Great Awakening and feel compassion for their fearful blinding beliefs are going to make it hard to accept the truths.

And sometimes I see their fear is nothing more than following rules and it pisses me off! 😂😂😂


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