Since the Dawn of Man we have been lorded over by an ancient sect of Sun Worshipers cloaked in a myriad of High Secret Societies, Government & Social Institutions, Royalty and Truly Evil Saturnine’s.

It is no accident that every single king, prince, governor, dictator, despotic ruler, civil servant, social institution, coat of arms, educational institution, military medal, citation, award, insignia, medallion, pendant, badge, ensign, emblem, banner, flag, currency, trophy, political standard, and agency of government or religion uses the SUN as their hallmark symbol. This is not coincidence, it is an architectural synchronicity and covert cooperative at the highest most taciturn, fixed and predetermined level.

But things are changing behind the scenes....

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Which brings us to the crucial questions of 'how' the Biblical 4th commanded day of worship for God's people (recorded in stone written by His very own finger) .. the 7th day Sabbath ... got changed and now observed almost universally by Christians everywhere .. to Sun-day or what the Bible only ever calls .. the first day.

And 'who' it was that historically and boastfully claims to have made that change.