Lin Wood
My life has been seriously threatened. My reputation has been falsely impugned. My privacy has been invaded.

My children have been threatened to the point they are scared to have any contact with me. I know the nature and form of the threats.

Even today, social media enemies were sarcastically asking me how my puppies were doing.

Why is this happening to me? You know the answer to that question.

WHO do you think is responsible? One person or a group of people. I think you know the answer but I am curious to hear your thoughts.

I have clearly been targeted. Other Patriots who are close to me have also been threatened and their computers and possibly their phones hacked.

We The People must rise up and demand that this nefarious conduct cease immediately. It cannot be ignored or tolerated in a civil society. It must certainly not be tolerated among members of the true Patriot movement.

Today it is me. Tomorrow it will be you.

Will you stand, rise u

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In response Jay Dee to her Publication

I will never leave Lin Wood ! We all know the truth and how the evil will destroy you . Stand strong Mr. Wood your not alone. Prayers for you and your family.